Cetara Village

At the foot of Mount Falerio, stands Cetara, one of the most characteristic towns of the Amalfi Coast. Immune to mass tourism, Cetara is still involved in traditional economic activities such as fishing and for this reason it retains practically its charm as a seaside village. The link with the sea is felt everywhere, starting with the name that could derive from “Cetaria”, (Latin tonnara), from “Cetari”, from fishermen or tuna traders to end with the gastronomy where the fish is the main food. Tuna and others are the protagonists of the cuisine of Cetara whose typical dish is represented by spaghetti with anchovy sauce. This condiment is obtained from the fermentation of anchovies marinated in special containers and can be imagined as an evolution of Garum, the fish sauce that made the ancient Romans go crazy. The crystalline sea that laps the village of Cetara is a summer destination for young people from Salerno, especially directed to the beaches below the mighty watchtower. From the historical point of view, Cetara played a fundamental strategic role, its territory belonged to the republic of Amalfi and did not constitute the border with the principality of Salerno. For a short period of time it was even occupied by the Saracens who made it their base. From an artistic point of view, the beautiful Romanesque church dedicated to San Pietro Apostolo and the church with an adjoining convent dedicated to San Francesco should be mentioned.